Danya & Andrew's Wedding

Sunday, October 18th 2015

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Our Story

Danya and her old camp friend, Becca, hosted a singles' party in Park Slope. To ensure quality attendance, they lied to their friends, of course. The gullible believed they were just getting free drinks & snacks before a night out. Andrew wasn't fooled. But he let his friend Fraga drag him along anyway. Danya cornered Andrew in the kitchen and they didn't leave the supposed pre-game until close to midnight...when they headed to a pre-Thanksgiving "Fakesgiving" party where they talked until 2 or 3 in the morning.

Danya agreed to a proper date, even though it took Andrew a few weeks to call. They had a cozy dinner at Supper in the East Village and Andrew walked Danya home in the first snow of the season. Right after their second date, Andrew went back home to California for a month to cower from the winter and spend time with his family for Christmas and New Year's. And that was that...for a while.

Fraga, the very same, much-owed friend who first brought Andrew to Danya and Becca's party of love, organized a consolation happy hour for a group of friends whose daily deal coupon to a shooting range on the West Side highway didn't work out. Of the nearly dozen friends who were supposed to show up, just Fraga, Danya, and Andrew did. Andrew's sneakers were cool, Danya had gotten her braces off, and it was Spring. And that was that...for good.

Andrew and Danya first said "I love you" in Philly, traveled to Berlin, Istanbul, and Malaysia on one whirlwind trip, fostered 6 sweet dogs together, co-founded Pop-Up Shabbat with their friend Melissa, and started big, new, grown-up jobs.

Then, on a slightly overcast day on Whidbey Island, they strolled along the beach at Ebey's Landing and sat down on a log for lunch and agreed to live in love forever.

And that...is the beginning.